Heartland Farm
The Heartland Farm is a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Here, you can explore the straw bale buildings, an acoustically perfect silo, and learn about organic gardening and other sustainable practices. Whether hiking the labyrinth, enjoying a picnic, or watching for birds, this farm is the perfect getaway for a peaceful retreat.

A herd of beautiful, inquisitive alpacas live at Heartland Farm. A visit to their barn is mandatory. Gorgeous alpaca scarves, gloves, and therapeutic socks are available in the gift shop to take home for a bit of comfort from the Heartland. 

The sisters provide weekly tours and demonstrations of their methods in organic farming, fabric art, harvest, and much more. Spiritual retreats are also offered, including a Peace Camp where young people can spend a week learning about farming, animal care, and other fun activities during the summer.

The sisters also offer programs in rainwater catchment, solar oven cooking, solar greenhouse, and solar showers. 

Lodging and Food
Visitors planning a natural retreat can stay in a cozy rustic farmhouse or the straw bale hermitage. Nutritious organic meals are offered to lodgers and other guests. Tents and RV campers are also welcome. 

The labyrinth flows from start to center and out again. Stay on the path and it will lead you through. Many bird species can be seen in the trees that border the creek running through the pasture. Walking the labyrinth is the perfect way to relax and unwind for a peaceful hour.

Gift Shop
This is the perfect place to shop for unique gifts. Soft Alpaca products, delicious free-trade chocolates, hand-thrown pottery, note cards, and other items are for sale year-round. Gift certificates are also available. 

Workshops and Special Events
Workshops of a wide variety are offered throughout the year. Alpaca shearing, organic agriculture methods and volunteer work days make for great experiences.

Therapeutic Massage
Offered by appointment. 
Call 620-923-4585 or visit www.heartlandfarm-ks.org for more information.