The Great Outdoors

Nature gave us an ocean in a sea of grass. A spectacular array of wildlife is attracted to our marshes, offering nature lovers an unobstructed view of Kansas' natural wonders. Spend a few days with us in the lush outdoors, and we promise that you will never see Kansas as "flat and dry" again.


File iconBiking-Web.pdf
Size: 771 KB
The biking brochure offers maps of trails, access points, riding tips, and other helpful information.
File iconBirding-web.pdf
Size: 654 KB
The birding brochure offers information on hot birding spots, maps, tips, and more.
File iconHiking-Web.pdf
Size: 777 KB
Before hitting the trails, be sure to get the hiking brochure to double check your route, read up on safety tips, and additional information.
File iconPaddling-Web[1].pdf
Size: 871 KB
Download the paddling brochure for access points to the river, safety tips, and more.
File iconPhotography-Web.pdf
Size: 493 KB
The photography brochure is available for download to give you inside tips on photography hot spots and other helpful information.