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The Raptor Center
Our little town is home to a rehabilitation clinic for raptors. As "birds-of-prey" play a vital role in our ecosystem, the Raptor Center is dedicated to preserving their status in the area and the world at large.


Once you enter the Raptor Center, you will see many state-of-the-art exhibits, displays, and interactive learning stations. These exhibits include a depiction of eagles nest, a raptor's eye view of the zoo, and a wing span chart to see where you measure up to various raptors.

There is also a gift shop available where you can find visitor information, quick snacks, and event schedules.

The center's mission is to rehabilitate birds of all types. As you may notice from it's title, this clinic specializes in birds-of-prey including eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures.
One-way mirrors look into the heart of the Center, a rescue and rehabilitation center designed for birds of prey. Visitors may observe while raptors are examined, x-rayed, and treated. 


Call the Raptor Center at 620-793-4226 or visit www.greatbendzoo.com for additional information.