Byway Community Fact Sheets

The communities along our byway not only support the nature theme but also offer unique rural adventures, providing an unforgettable experience. 

File iconClaflin Fact Sheet.pdf
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This small town sits at the geographic center of the state of Kansas.
File iconEllinwood fact sheet.pdf
Size: 699 KB
Known as "Little Germany" and for it's underground tunnels.
File iconGreat Bend Fact Sheet.pdf
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Scores of nature enthusiasts are drawn to this area due to the Arkansas River.
File iconHoisington fact sheet.pdf
Size: 689 KB
Stroll Main Street to view 62 award winning, locally-crafted metal art pile banners depicting the wildlife of the area.
File iconHudson Fact Sheet.pdf
Size: 733 KB
Tour the Stafford County Flour Mill.
File iconstafford fact sheet.pdf
Size: 696 KB
Enjoy architecture of six buildings on the National Historic Register.
File iconst john fact sheet.pdf
Size: 628 KB
In the heart of this town is a picture perfect town square.