You are entering a region formed by ancient and ongoing geological movement, a land of stunning bird migrations and richly layered human history. Everywhere you look, you will see evidence of motion and change.      

Great Bend has several choices of paved and dirt biking trails. Our biking brochure is available for download and includes maps of trails, access points, riding tips, and other additional information.
Our location on the Central Flyway makes for premier birding opportunities during the spring and fall migrations. Cheyenne Bottoms alone attracts 45% of North America's shore birds annually. The birding brochure is available for download which includes maps, tips, and more.
Be prepared for a true outdoor adventure. From the Migrants Mile at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge to a 15-mile trek through the Bottoms, we have hiking trails for all ages! Our hiking brochure is available for download with maps, safety tips, and additional information.
Grab your life jacket, sunscreen, and some cold drinks and head out for some paddling down the Arkansas River. Don't forget the binoculars, you will see several birds and wildlife on your journey. For access points, safety tips, and more, download the paddling brochure.
Step out into the nature of this amazing piece of the planet - and don't forget the camera. You are sure to snap some good photos of amazing architecture and Kansas wildlife. The photography brochure is available for download to see hot spots, tips, and additional information.
Visitors have a unique chance to observe medical procedures trough one way mirrors, receive training in avian medicine, tour the largest inland marsh of the interior United States, and stroll through state-of-the-art interactive exhibits.
Imagine as you drive along the Scenic Byway, you and your family in search of the timeless American experience - one that's coursed through these lands for centuries with its wind sculpted sand dunes, the regal pose of the endangered whooping crane, vistas of golden wheat fields, shimmering wetlands filled with a sea of flapping wings and other majestic creatures roaming the prairie.